Eric Lee



“People should not be unfamiliar with strategy, those who understand it will survive, those who do not understand it will perish” (Sun Tzu, Art of War).

Businessman & Father

Work-life balance refers to the equilibrium between a person’s personal and professional lives. Work often takes priority over everything else in life because our desire to achieve professionally can cause us to put our own well-being and family aside. This is why it’s essential to find the balance between work and family. At the same time, keep in mind that there is no ‘perfect’ work and family balance. Every family is unique, so balance can look vastly different from family to family.

  • City: Hong Kong, HK
  • Degree: Master
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Academic Qualification

"If you can get 1% better each day for one year, you’ll end up 37 times better by the time you’re done." (James Clear)


Master Degree of Business Administration


Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration


SBIT (Distinction)
Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Business Information Technology


Bachelor Degree in Computer Studies

Academic IELTS Overall Band Score 6.5 (Year 2014)

Six Sigma DMAIC Green Belt Certification - Distinction (Year 2004)

Managerial & Leadership

Managers do things right but leaders do the right thing. The most significant role of a leader is to inspire colleagues to explore their talent and capabilities. Then manage them effectively and efficiently to maximize productivity and profitability.

Leadership Management 20+ yrs experience
IT & Business Management 25+ yrs experience
Project Management 20+ yrs experience
Agile Development 18+ yrs experience
IoT & API Integration 15+ yrs experience


I have been in IT Management over 25+ years
(Senior Management over 15+ years)


Eric Lee

  • High competencies in managerial and practical aspects
  • Highly organized and enthusiastic, able to prioritize effectively to accomplish multiple tasks and complete projects under pressure
  • Willing to learn, responsible, honest, critical thinking, self-motivated, good at communication, think win-win, curious, creative, and practical
  • DMAIC Methodology with Agile Development
  • Theoretical and scientific driven
  • Execution - Don’t just wish, make it happen!

    • Tai Hang, Hong Kong

      +852 9161 1116

    Highest Education

    Master of Business Administration

    MBA 2021 - 2022

    University of Sunderland, UK

    Verified achievement from World Education Services (WES)

    Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Business Information Technology (SBIT)

    SBIT 2012 - 2013

    NCC Education, HK

    UK Qualification

    Technical Background

  • React and node.js
  • Visual Studio and VS Code
  • GitHub source control for team development
  • Bootstrap and HTML5
  • Excel pivot table
  • VBA in Excel
  • SQL server and MySql database admin
  • Visual Foxpro
  • Professional Experience

    Senior IT Manager

    Ascot Chang HK & USA LLC

    Garment – Manufacturing & Retailing


    2008 - Present

    By leveraging DMAIC methodology for process re-engineering and optimization, minimize the defect rate and maximize operational efficiency. (American Society for Quality (ASQ), DMAIC)

    Strategic Planning

    • Planning of 3 – 5 years IT vision for the New Normal
    • Planning IT strategy based on business perspective to sustain company strength and maximize the business agility
    • Budgeting on all IT investment include infrastructure, server hardware, application development and software licensing control


    • Applying SDLC & AGILE (Stackify Scrum and Sprint) methodology on software development includes feasibility study, writing project charter, conceptual & detail specification, work diagram, structure chart. Documentation of contingency & risk management plan, preparing UAT, system audit log, disaster recovery procedure and maintenance plan
    • Developing and Integrating systems to streamline work processes and to optimize human resources
    • Setting up alert precaution system by detecting any abnormal deviation


    • Implementing the secured IT infrastructure for all regions including Hong Kong, China and United State of America
    • Setup IT protocols to secure and manage vendor’s co-work activities, such as network subnet isolation, password policy, two-factor authentication, etc.
    • Leveraging mobile technology to improve emergency response, customer satisfaction level and to minimize the lead time for manager decision making

    Collaboration and Training

    • Utilizing and coordinating with third party vendors for system & solution integration, and to ensure all systems are towards on scalability, flexibility and adaptability
    • Training and developing a team of IT engineers and assistants to plan, react, anticipate and resolve problems proactively and leading them to support daily business operation

    IT Outsourcing

    • Leverage mature IT solutions such as (IBM: SaaS, PaaS or IaaS), and integrate them with the company's core business areas
    • Optimize resources by leveraging experienced experts to optimize IT efficiency and minimize IT costs.
    • Compliance fulfillment can be achieved effectively.

    Government Compliance and Funding

    • Succeed application of Government D-Biz funding project during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Succeed application of Government TVP funding project during the COVID-19 pandemic


    • 2022: Introduce React and Node.js for project development
    • 2021: API data integration across both internal and external systems
    • 2020: Management Dashboard and Shopify online store
    • 2019: Developed Order Rating System (ORS)
    • 2016: Production Management system (PMS), Fabric Inquiry System (FBI)

    Server Administration

    • 2021: Migrated Microsoft Domain, Exchange (TLS enabled) and Application servers
    • 2018: Rebuilt domain organizational units (OU) and Implemented Group Policy (GP) control
    • 2015: Implemented VM servers

    Security & Risk Management

  • 2021: Cisco firewall migration
  • 2019: Setup resilient backup strategy across On-Premise and Cloud
  • 2018: Developed 2FA authentication

    IT Manager

    MaBelle Jewellery, Hong Kong, HK

    Jewellery - Manufacturing & Retailing

    (Multinational Corporation, MNC)

    1997 - 2008

    Strategic Planning

    • Develop and support the business software applications
    • Enable computer technology to meet individual needs of the group company
    • Offer opportunity for junior to grow and to discover their talents


    • Applying SDLC methodology on software development includes feasibility study, writing project charter, conceptual & detail specification, work diagram, structure chart. Documentation of contingency & risk management plan, preparing UAT, system audit log, disaster recovery procedure and maintenance plan
    • Assist in planning various customer oriented promotional programs, coordinate closely with team members of all the marketing stuffs related to internet/ web platform especially on the communication channels and sales conversion


    • Leveraging mobile technology “Blackberry” push notification to improve emergency response and customer satisfaction level

    Collaboration and Training

    • Manage the whole operation of VIP program including coordinating with IT on POS/CRM supporting, logistics handling, effectiveness evaluation
    • Manage regular review meeting, training with shop managers (50 stores)

    My Inspirers

    Maximilian Y. K. Ma

    MaBelle Jewellery Chairman & Founder

    Mr. Ma is my mentoring teacher. He has taught me not just managerial skills but the philosophy of life. His slogans "Aspire to Inspire", "We can't direct the wind, but we can adjust our sail", "Stay Naive", "Clarity not certainty", "自強不息", as well as "40萬買一句話:你有無熟客" have enlightened me a lot.

    ​Joseph K. K. Ho, PhD

    MBA Lecturer & Supervisor

    Mr. Ho had guided me in my graduate studies throughout with his patience, knowledge, and wisdom. Thank you for being a role model who clarified all my uncertainties and put me back on my drawing board. He has shown me integrity and determination. I have greatly benefited from the mentorship of Dr. Ho Joseph, Ph.D., and all the conversations we have had that inspired me to continue my long academic journey.

    ​Uncle Philip Ng

    Businessman & Mechanical Engineer

    Uncle Philip is a logical person enriched with system thinking. While losing my direction, you have always been there with me with your encouraging words. Your analytical thinking, explanation, and availability have helped me find my way.



    Tai Hang, Hong Kong, HK


    +852 9161 1116


    +852 9161 1116